Want To Order A Custom Mix For Your Class?

To start your mix, I’ll need a couple of details. Please fill out the form below and complete your purchase using the payment forms.


IMPORTANT INFORMATION : Each mix is made as you place the order – depending on how much you order, it can take a few days to get them done. I will keep you updated via Email. Please order within a timely manner.
If you need mixes within 24 hours, extra fees may apply.

All music is clean by FCC regulations. You can learn moreĀ HERE and HERE. I cannot guarantee anything is 100% clean, but I will do my absolute best to censor all the obscene language I hear in post-editing.

You will receive the following:
– Mp3 Formatted CD (not compatible with some CD players)
– USB drive with your mix/mixes on it in .Wav and .Mp3 format
– Google drive links of your mix/mixes

Your Custom Mix

This for a single purchase of a custom mix.


Your Custom Mix – Monthly (4 Mixes)

You will receive the mixes 1.5 - 2 weeks after you order. Each mix is tailored specifically for your needs.


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